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I am happy and proud to present a selection of projects I created during my professional design career, which started after graduating as product designer of the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. I was lucky to start up my own company in 2006 and at the same time learn the principles of interior design during my employment at Tjep.. The majority of the projects in my portfolio are designed during this period. I gained a lot of experience in the fields of hospitality, retail, work- and public spaces, and exhibition design. I am very thankful for the many beautiful projects we realised and the possibility to show them here. Enthusiasm, curiosity and eye for detail are the ingredients that always define my playful designs and strong visual language. I am continuously exploring, innovating and always aspire to be surprising. No matter if it is for multinationals or challengers, each new brief brings lots of inspiration and fresh ideas, resulting in a design concept tailored to their individual audience and ambitions. Besides my great new career as Experience Designer for Tinker Imagineers, creating personal fine art projects bring me so much joy and satisfaction that I started a serious project which I will post on this website as soon as it is ready!

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."

Abraham Lincoln