The Aemstel Schooltuin (school garden) replaces the Dr L. Alma Schooltuin which had been used by children since 1959. The new working-garden, where over 500 school children aged 9 to 11 will learn about nature and grow their own plants, is situated on Kalfjeslaan, Amstel.

Two sets of monumental gates will guard both approaches to Aemstel Schooltuin and add a contemporary element to this historic area. Settled next to the Riekermolen, built in 1636, the area has a long history of natural beauty appreciated by none other than Rembrandt himself. His statue sits next to the new school garden, frozen in the act of painting the famous windmill. One set of gates will mark the entrance from Kalfjeslaan, and the other will sit on the route from Amsteldijk.
The design integrates references to the lush ora and fauna of the surrounding environment, classical elements with a contemporary urban graffiti construction.


Copyrights, design and images belong to Tjep.
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Date: February 2014
City: Amsterdam
Client: Amsterdam Stadsdeel Zuid
Design team: Leonie Janssen, Frank Tjepkema
Production: Smederij van Rijn
Photography: Tjep. &
Method of construction: Galvanized steel, epoxy coating, concrete foundation