Doerak is the icon of the ‘Douane Doe Ruimte’. This sniffing dog appears in different ways in the space. He helps kids to detect prohibited goods hidden among the cargo of a truck. It can be found on the pages in the huge picture book on the wall. There is a 160cm big Doerak to hug on the couch (prototype phase). Children can draw on Doerak colouring sheets or make their own 3D paper Doerak. Last but not least a small Doerak-doll and Doerak-postcards can be purchased in the museum shop.

Copyrights, design and images belong to Tjep.
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Date: June 2012
Location: Rotterdam
Client: Belastingdienst, Rotterdam
Design team: Leonie Janssen
Materials: Plush
Production: Promobears
Photography: Tjep.