The ‘Douane Doe’ located in the basement of the ‘Belasting en Douane Museum’. Especially designed for kids to play and learn about the customs and border control. They will enjoy adventures on land, sea and in the air. Act like a real customs officer, board a customs boat, scan luggage at an airport or follow Doerak the ‘sniffing’ dog to detect prohibited goods hidden among the cargo of a truck.

The design concept is based on the slashes that are characteristic for the identity of the ‘Douane’. All the exhibits have a isometric shape, which is both playful and functional in this small room.


Copyrights, design and images belong to Tjep.
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Client: Belastingdienst, Rotterdam
Date: June 2012
Design team: Frank Tjepkema, Leonie Janssen, Yannic Alidarso
Concept: Tjep. Studio Louter
Project management: Bent Projecten
Architect: Broekbakema
Builders: Keijsers
Materials: Divers
Photography: Tjep., Yannic Alidarso