Tjep. was invited to design a prominent area of Schiphol Lounge 3. Right at the center of this complete renewal project executed by Benthem and Crouwel Acrchitects in collaboration with Merckx + Girod, Tjep. realised a restaurant (BREAD!), cheese counter (Say Cheese) and a flower shop (House of Tulips).

The three basic product categories these concepts represent are strongly rooted in dutch culture. We chose to revisit several Dutch icons in relation to the above mentioned products.

The whole shop just lifts up!

The flower shop became a glass canal house that elevates and descends over a small market display. When lifted up the content of the house is spread out to form a small market. The glass house represents the production source (Holland is the country of green houses) and the canal house represents the possible destination for the flowers. This combinations of references makes it possible to avoid obvious clichés.

Design helps generate more turnover: the turnover of all three concepts has doubled as compared to the concepts that used to occupy the exact same location previously!


Copyrights, design and images belong to Tjep.
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Date: September 2011
Location: Schiphol Airport
Client: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 
Design team: Frank TjepkemaLeonie JanssenJeroen van Laarhoven, Ben Hagenaars
Size: 1500m2
Production: Intos, Smederij van Rijn & Rick Smeenk
Photography: Tjep.Xander Richters