During the two years worldtrip my sister and I decided to share our adventures on a website. I never made a website before, but I did it! We named ourselves LOLEPLANET, which is a fusion of the abbreviations of our names plus the main subject of our travels around the world: LOtte & LEonie PLANET.
Our logo represents an abstract planet, composed of ve black lines, which refer to our signature styled camper exteriors. I designed both abstract logo mark and wordmark logo, for best use in different cases.

A competitive joke is ‘hidden’ in this name too, as LOLEPLANET sounds like Lonelyplanet, the name of a world famous travel guide. We use these Lonelyplanet books often as a source of basic information about a country, but as a matter of fact we think the information written in these guides are of bad quality. It seems they are poorly updated and mainly focussed on young backpackers who like to meet like-minded backpackers, and the chillest hammocks, coldest beers, best pizzarias, juiciest burgers and vegan restaurants all over the world… and oh yes: see the highlights of each country. We could do this better 😉

Of course we visited the famous places too, but in general our travel style is totally different. We had the time and the freedom to drive our own camper, discover new roads every day, visit the smallest towns, meet thousands of people from many different countries, experience their culture and celebrations, taste their food, listen to their stories and music. We were outdoor and in motion most of the time, we enjoyed the beautiful nature, were surprised by the weirdest animals and amazing plants everywhere.

These two years are by far the best contiguous years of my life in which I was incredibly happy to share everything with the best sister in the world and capture a part of it on images.

On our blog, we like to show the planet through our eyes and hope to inspire people by sharing our adventures and travel tips. The unexpected can be expected. Enjoy.