Transformation is an art installation placed in Veghels Buiten, a town in the province of Brabant in The Netherlands.

The installation is part of a land art route through the landscape around Veghel displaying twelve different art installations. The art route is meant to focus attention on the landscape that will endure a major transformation in the coming years due to a large scale housing project to be implemented.

The master plan of this housing project incorporates a set of esthetic rules in order to respect the farmland character of this environment. One of the key aspects, is that the architecture of the newly built houses, must be reminiscent of the farms that were originally here. We chose to gravitate our installation around the most important typologic rule that defines a dutch farmhouse: the distance ratio from gutter to ridge should always be bigger than the distance from gutter to ground level. Da Vinci’s golden ratio for the Dutch countryside, if you will!


Copyrights, design and images belong to Tjep.
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Client: Veghels Buiten
Location: Veghel, Netherlands
Date: January 2010
Design team: Frank Tjepkema, Leonie Janssen, Yannic Alidarso
Materials: Divers
Builder: BlowUps
Photography: & BlowUps

Transformation is a take on the classical perspective distortion known as anamorphosis. As one approaches the installation one only distinguishes an abstract set of white lines scattered across the field. The key to the installation is revealed when one stands on a round plateau at a certain point, from here the lines form an iconic farm outline, in which the formula is revealed. The formula is explained in text on the plateau.

In the middle of the installation the floor of the farm forms an eight meter long picnic table, while other elements form a playful visual game around it. This particular anamorphosis becomes more than just a visual trick, it embeds functionality and facilitates social encounters while drawing attention towards what will happen here in the near future.

Walking around the installation the viewer literally experiences the transformation from abstraction to finalisation in a similar way the entire landscape will endure a complete redefinition.