Commissioned by Ymere as a part of their redevelopment of Nieuw Waterlandplein in Amsterdam-North, this project objective was to develop a meeting space and stage for local inhabitants.

The problem observed by Tjep. with stages is that they are fun when used and rather desolate when empty. To serve the community well we thought we should integrate functions relevant to the square any time of the day. So the podium transforms from seating & meeting area to stage with the flik of a switch by elevating platforms from the ground. In booth configurations the installation has strong aesthetic presence in the form of an ornamental transformation that goes from rigid grid to free shaped forms inspired by classic ornaments and modern tattoo art. Transformation represents the essence of podium arts as an experience that changes you. The fusion of classic and modern is visualised as a strong statement to promote social cohesion in a difficult suburban context such as Amsterdam North. This design represents an innovative intervention in the city landscape promoting social cohesion through design, art and architecture.

Different functions are blent seemingness in one space: podium, meeting area, landmark and sculptural installation. It forms a new type of asset to a community by facilitating self-expression on different levels. This podium has become a valued asset to the local inhabitants that embrace the installation in many ways, not the least as platform for self-expression. When not in use podiums tend to be desolate empty places, this innovative design successfully tackles this problem by offering a multifunctional and artistic upgrade to the urban context.


Copyrights, design and images belong to Tjep.
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Date: October 2013
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Client: Ymere, Amsterdam
Design team: Frank TjepkemaLeonie Janssen,
Footprint: 400 m2
Method of construction: Galvanised steel, polyurethane coating, concrete foundation
Production: Smederij van Rijn
Photography: Tjep.